Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shared thought

A rare non-photo-centric post -

As I mentioned in my "monkey" post, I really wanted to get into Penelope Trunk's blog at some point. Mostly, she writes about controversial topics (some argue it's only for the sake of controversy and to get more hits on her blog). She writes about women, families, career advice, having Aspergers, and about her recent decision to move from the city and subsequent life living on a farm.

Enough about Penelope (this is my blog, right?). Point is, I really want to share what she says about being lost in your twenties.

Not only is she figuring out photography and trying to improve her skills (like I am), but she really struck a chord... she says:
Here is the key to getting unlost when you are in your twenties: Get married or make a lot of money. Don't tell me I'm shallow. I don't care. Life is shallow, really, since we have no idea why we're here.
In your twenties you feel like you need to get settled, and find your place. Some people need to have a special person in their life that they are connected to and making a home with. These people are caretakers and fusers. Other people need to make a lot of money, not because they want a BMW (although many do) but because it's a way to measure how valuable you are as an adult, to the other adults in the world.

Maybe for some people being lost isn't a big deal or isn't how they view their lives. To me, it's elemental to any introspective life. I think sharing photographs and thoughts here is one way I'm finding my way.

So, here's to getting unlost (hopefully). Or maybe just figuring out how to live my 20s.

August 2005 - Korakuen Garden, Okayama, Japan

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