Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can't see the forest... for the (monkey in) the trees!

August 2006 - Dallas, TX

I don't know about you,
but I do believe there might be a monkey in yonder tree just hanging out overhead this pondering woman....

Ta da! You see? Monkey?... Tree??

You're all disappointed that it's not reeeeaaally a monkey and you're all "But you promised monkeys and possibly even forests" (yeah, that's right, I just linked to "" because that actually needs to exist).

Okay. Fine. You want to see animals so badly, how about a cat? The internet loves cats (more on Penelope Trunk's posts some other time).

I introduce, Niko:

October 2007 - Baltimore, MD

Niko is very into the whole writhing on the Ikea carpet thing.

But you're still not satisfied. Cats are clearly just too mainstream for you (you hipster!). You want exotic? Fine. Here is a camel for you:

September 2004 - Lanzhou, China

Beat. That.
Happy weekend!

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