Thursday, February 16, 2012

NYFW: Douglas Hannant F/W 2012

As I mentioned last week, I was in New York for the beginning of fashion week featuring fall/winter 2012 ready-to-wear. This week, I will be sprinkling in some posts featuring my favorite designers' shows (you can see all the collections at Don't worry though, I will still have my regular photography posts, too! 

First glance at Douglas Hannant's looks as they crunched the Fall leaves on the runway and I thought I might be seeing Tommy Hilfiger "Town and Country" deja vu. But no. These very ready-to-wear looks read perfect for chilly Fall weather and riding and Sherlock Holmes and strolling the grounds of ivy-covered mansions.
And with plenty a nod to the 1920s and 1930s of Hannant's supposed muse: Wallis Simpson (of Madonna's 2011 W.E.).
Don't you want to live in that blue fur stole!
The devil is in the details with Hannant. Shoes, menswear hats, bags, belting, buttoning, gloves, and even hosiery make for looks that feel complete and ensembled.
Lastly, color-blocking is not dead in 2012! Hannant brings us back up to date with simple and flattering daytime dresses - to be worn - of course - with the British woman's nylons.
 I think I'll be keeping my eye on Hannant in fashion weeks to come!

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