Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Coaching

I always obsessively devour almost anything about/by Atul Gawande (ever since I was gifted Complications by an old friend back in high school). I've been meaning to share his recent New Yorker article, "Personal Best," with you. So here it is - do read it.

Most notably, I admire that - while I'm sure he has some of that doctor-ego - he attempts to put it aside by talking about real issues in the medical community. Most of which are taboo or ignored. But Gawande puts it right out there and postulates that even someone at the peak of his profession can improve - but that the path to improvement is one that most are afraid of opening themselves up to. He suggests coaching. If you can afford it or if you can find a willing mentor in the field or interest you're pursuing, it absolutely is worth your while. In the work-world, as an early career individual, I think it is still natural to find mentors and request frequent feedback, but as one becomes more senior, that's when it becomes more uncommon and potentially more valuable.

Personal wish list? A fashion coach! Wouldn't that be fun? Also potentially career-boosting according to my favorite source of controversy. Until I scrounge up the funds for a personal stylist (girl can dream), I've been finding Mad Men inspiration through The Fashion File by the show's costume designer, Janie Bryant. Though admittedly a little high on "cheese" and low on content, I'm always looking for some direction in where to take my wardrobe since I'm more of an avid fashion observer rather than dramatic, leading-lady dresser.

A bit closer to home, this blog is an attempt at self-coaching and improving my photography skills. Things I'm learning:
  • Post-processing can be fun (and is widely done), but I tend to prefer a shot au naturel
  • I take a large number of sky and body of water photographs
  • I'm timid about black/white and also portraits
As an amateur, it would definitely be nice to work with a "coach" who could point out areas of improvement and impart some technique.
One day!

December 2009 - Central Park, New York, NY

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