Monday, August 29, 2011

Electric Blue

I've been feeling electric. First with anxiety, nerves, the tension of dreams and hope against limitations and uncertainty. Then with some fire, gumption, and a day - a burst - of yes! I did it.

And then, I saw him.
August 2011 - Dallas, TX

I had high expectations for that first shot from the new DSLR (hence the unintended hiatus)... and this evening the perfect subject flew right past my lens. The vivid blue of this dragonfly was not nearly as apparent from my standpoint when I snapped the shot, but after I looked at the photo, the neon just popped. I did nothing to this photo except crop it.

I'm loving the chance to get to know all the features of my new camera and how they will strengthen my photos! Next, looking forward to possibly sharing some recent photos taken from atop the 10,378 foot Sandia Peak near Albuquerque, NM.

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