Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny snooze

I was reminded of this photo today when reading a Summer post on Mochatini. Something about bare feet in the summer sun just evokes relaxation and the slow, quiet tempo of a breezy afternoon. 

June 2006 - Vali Asr Street (formerly Pahlavi St.), Tehran, Iran

The pace and feel of Summer abroad is just so different... I think I tend to remember those travels with the faded, brown tint of a 1960s photo.

July 2006 - Yazd, Iran

So much more of this season to go! Check out the snapshots over at Mochatini, too for your taste of the bright colors, pinks, whites, and light, airy feel of this year's American Summer - filled with luncheons, poolside lounging, and beach vacations.

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