Thursday, June 30, 2011


Once you have a thought in your mind, it can be extremely hard to get rid of it. It just grows and grows and you may think it's gone, but then it will come right back when you're not even expecting it.

November 2010 - Blue Man Group performance
It's especially true of doubts. Which are tied to regret. They're really like pre-regret, right? Regretting what hasn't even happened yet. We know ignoring the thought doesn't dissolve it. Mostly, we try to accept risk and uncertainty if we're ever going to get on with anything in life. But there are specific situations in which we do so... we suck it up and throw our cold feet into the fire.

June 2011 - Starbucks, Dallas, TX
(You're still following, right? Doubts- cold feet- ducks- ) which brings me - sorta playfully - to the Duck vs. the Rabbit illusion that was popularly debated in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. You might think you see a rabbit, but then one day you see a duck (or so Ted argues).

That's the thing with doubts. What makes you go from seeing a rabbit to seeing a duck?

Edit: both photos in this post are camera phone shots, so quality = poor. What is this blog turning into - a camera phone zone??

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